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The Nevada County Department of Public Works completed the replacement of the existing South Yuba River Bridge at Soda Springs Road. The new bridge and approaches meet current standards and provide a sidewalk for pedestrians.

The bridge provides access to the Soda Springs Ski Resort, Royal Gorge Cross Country Resort, the Serene Lakes community, and the Tahoe National Forest.

Bridge History

The previous Soda Springs Road Bridge spanning over the South Yuba River was built in 1965 to replace a timber structure. The first replacement, had two 15-foot spans for a total length of 30 feet and was 28.6 feet wide. It also had steel stringers with a reinforced concrete deck on reinforced concrete piers. This design periodically experienced overtopping during warm storm events.

The current replacement, is 39 feet wide and provides a 40 foot clear opening for the river.


Scope of Project

As part of this project the following items were addressed:

  • Replaced the existing bridge with a wider bridge to bring the bridge structure and the width up to current standards.

  • Eliminated the pier in the river.

  • Provided bridge railing per current standards.

  • Improved road approaches while maintaining the current roadway alignment.

In December 2021, the county completed construction of the new bridge and approach roadways.

Schedule/Status of Project

Project Documents

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