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The Dog Bar Road Bridge over the Bear River (Bridge No. 17C-0031) carries two-way traffic on a one-lane bridge, connecting Placer County and Nevada County. The bridge is located on the Placer-Nevada County Line. The narrow bridge with a curb-to-curb roadway width of 13’-8” does not meet standards for bridge cross sections. In addition, the approach roadway has sharp curves at each end of the bridge, resulting in frequent vehicle impacts to the bridge railing. Caltrans has approved Highway Bridge Program (HBP) funding to remove and replace the bridge. Located upstream from the existing route, the replacement bridge will have two lanes and include a sidewalk.

Bridge History

The existing bridge was designed by the U.S. Forest Service and constructed in 1934. The original timber deck and railing was replaced in 2000 with a corrugated steel deck filled with asphalt concrete and metal railing. This single lane bridge is listed in Caltrans Historical Bridge Inventory as not eligible for National Historic Places.


Final IS/MND

A Final Initial Study with proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration has been approved by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and is available here.

Scope of Project - Bridge Replacement

The following items will be addressed as part of this project:

  • Construct a new two-lane bridge with a single pier near the west edge of the river.

  • Remove the existing bridge.

  • Improve the hydraulic clearance under the bridge.

  • Correct the roadway approach.

  • Increase load capacity.

  • Completed project site to have equal or more parking for vehicles.

Schedule/Status of Project

    Spring 2020     Begin environmental studies.
         May 2021     Public meeting.
         July 2021     Received environmental approval.
                 2022     Final design and permitting.
      May   2023     Right of way acquisitions
Summer 2024     Begin construction.
   Winter 2024     Construction complete.

Summer 2028     Remove old bridge.

For more information, please contact:

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